get ready to start telling your story to those who need to hear it.

Learn how to get clients to pursue YOU!

When you follow this formula, not only will you have built your online, absolute best client persona, but you'll have 30 ideas of customized content based on that persona. And when you repurpose that across all Instagram modalities, that's NINETY pieces of content. LET'S GO!

Get to know your new online bestie and start storytelling instead of selling!

The art of handwriting...

You're in the literary world, so undoubtedly, you've handwritten in journals and letters, or have created lists of lists. It's therapeutic.

It's also science.

Hundreds of studies support that handwriting has unique cognitive properties that shape how we think and learn.

So print this workbook out. Grab your favorite set of pens and stickers, head to a park or your front porch rocker, and handwrite your way to your new online best friend.

Your Ideal Client.

Handwrite your way to your new Ideal Client

Print out this workbook and start storytelling instead of selling!

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